Saturday, March 9, 2013

Coded, Constructed and CONTEST!

As you can probably tell I have been doing some major renovating on this site. This is the first time since The Little Man was born that I've had to do any kind of coding so I'm very glad that, that part of my brain still works (part of the shrinking minority I'm pretty sure)

Quick rundown of the changes and for details of my first giveaway:

  1. The is no longer necessary in the address. will get you here lickity split.
  2. I've learnt what "jump breaks" are for. So now the main page should allow better navigation between posts.
  3. The Little Man let me use his playing blocks so we have a new header picture as well.
  4. We now have a facebook fan page. See link on the right hand side. Most of my traffic is from facebook so I thought I'd set up a page so you can get notified about updates and contests etc. 
  5. Blogger comments have been replaced by facebook comments. Feel free to repost or just make new comments. I really appreciate your feedback and ideas and hopefully this will enable more people to post comments (Blogger comments were a little restrictive)
I think that's about all. It's all I have been able to do during The Little Man's nap time today anyway. 

To celebrate the changes and because I promised you guys in The Nappy Bag post. I'm going to give away the pristine still-in-packaging bag organizer free (including postage) to one random person who has liked this Blog on Facebook. As this currently stands at 4 people including myself. I'd say odds are good :-D. Will draw a winner on Sunday the 17th of March. 

Sorry Mum... you already have one so you cannot enter!