Friday, April 5, 2013

The Opinionated Mum: Meta Reviewing

First, let me apologize for my long absence. Our little family has been playing host to The Little Man's Auntie J who came to visit over Easter. So we turned tourists and went sightseeing around Southern Victoria and had a fantastic time out in the sunshine, eating chocolate, watching penguins, tasting wine and shopping. 

In addition to that, I've been getting my writing fix from this site I found a couple of weeks ago. 

WOMO stands for Word Of Mouth Online. It's a place to share experiences and benefit from the experience of others. So basically it's a review site for Australian businesses. People like you or me, enter our experiences of small businesses related to service, value for money, quality and sometimes, just to share our stories. Good businesses then get recognition for their hard work, and dodgy businesses get put on notice. The reviews even show up on Google searches. 

That is all well and good but I didn't get addicted to the site just because I want everyone to know when I've discovered the ultimate best place to get cake (ok maybe just a little), but here's the scoop. These guys actually reward you for reviewing! And as a reviewer you can give other people points for writing good reviews to encourage them to keep up the good work.

I've been shopping and on the internet long enough to have had my share of rewards points scams where it takes years to see $10 worth of giftcards come your way (Looking @ you Flybuys!). However, I've found points very easy to earn on this site. 

This is how their points structure works:
  • Join WOMO (with a verified email) 200
  • Enter your 1st review                      300
  • Review a small business             100
  • Post your review to Facebook        50
  • Be the 1st to review a small business (bonus points) 100
  • Refer a member (who reviews)       500
  • Comment on someone's review     10
  • Give a Compliment                        5
  • Receive a Compliment                   5

1000 points gets you a $10 iTunes card and 2000 points can be exchanged for a Westfield or Wish Gift Card. You're already more than halfway there when you join up and write your first review and share it on facebook (550 pts)

I had my first 1000 points on my second day just by reviewing the few shops and cafe around the corner and getting some very nice compliments by other reviewers about how they found the reviews useful and that the writing was good *warm fuzzy feelings* 

By the end of the week, I'd reviewed our favorite restaurants, Qantas, The Little Man's daycare, the dry cleaners we used to go to, the dry cleaners we go to now....I'm up to 18 at the moment and this is only because we were out over Easter and work has been a little demanding. My good friend and fellow opinionated mum, Ms Fork from has found some sort of inner calling and has managed to churn out a good  39 reviews despite only joining the site a couple of days after I did. She is also slaughtering me in compliment ratings so I really am going to have to lift my game.  

I'm currently at 3420 points and I'll probably cash them out at 4000 for 2 $20 cards. Ms Fork, on the other hand, is cracking up to cashing out $60 worth of cards in the next week at her present rate. And yet, by my calculation, this month's leader is up to a $200+ cash out (and I though I spent way too much time on the internet). 

Anyway, give it a go if you feel like you have opinions about businesses or service providers in your area or anywhere else in Australia (who doesn't, right). It's a useful service. Best of all, it's better than free; it pays you. 

And I'm all for people paying me to spend time online :-D

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